We are a fully accredited Training Centre located in Pietermaritzburg. We provide a series of training interventions aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of individuals as well as corporate clients.

Our strategy is to build long-term partnerships with our clients and with their support we aim to maximize the potential of our traditional business through a combination of enhanced quality of service, creative marketing, innovative pricing and cost efficiency.

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At The BTC Group we believe the following: “Whether you drive a BMW or Maruti, the road remains the same. Whether you fly economy or business class, your destination does not change. Whether you wear a Titan or Rolex, time remains the same. Whether you use a Samsung or Apple, the people who call you are the same. There is nothing wrong in dreaming about a luxurious life. What needs to be seen is that need does not become greed, because needs can always be met… but greed can never be fulfilled.” RAJNIKANTH”


To be widely recognized as training specialists of high quality training and skills development services to the community and all corporate sectors. We want to become the preferred training specialists in the South African Market place.